Status 706

I just recently moved in again to a new place. Re-packing and unpacking my things, for countless times since I began my prodigal existence, showed me a funny realisation — that together with all those experiences, I also have successfully gained tangible possessions.

And it’s about time to throw the unnecessary baggage: scraps of papers, old notebooks, some ribbons, resumes, application forms, contracts from the lost times, a broken comb and unsent love letters to a past lover etc.

Well, I realised that my life is too finite and I am limited, thus, I can only bring with me the stuff that matters, those I will never forget the significance and those I cannot afford to lose. Say, a perfume given to me, almost 11 years ago, by a very important person in my life who passed away.

I was thirteen, and she was still healthy. I never used the perfume because even then, I know it’s more than that and vanity isn’t worth it. The fluid itself is her memory, and I cannot afford to lose it, cheaply, on the fabric of my clothes.


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