Between Two Minds

You asked me to tell you why you should or should not get married within this lifetime. Well, I honestly don’t know, as I do not know the specifics between the persons involve and I have not been married yet. Both, I guess, in a general sense of the matter, have its own perks and downfalls.

So, get married if you want a companion — this is assuming that you have found the meaning of companionship in its most profound sense. Companionship does not simply mean having the physical presence of someone; it also means having the comprehension of someone who can conceive & deal with your inner-workings. Because in life, as Craig said, there is no greater distance than the distance between two minds.

Get married if you can battle acceptance. The degree of relationships and proximity will expose yourself to other people, and will expose other people to you. You will discover defects, flaws, graveyards and corpses under your and their skin, and fundamental errors in your and their being; over-familiarization will make you develop contempt. Along the way, you will learn that acceptance is an internal battle and a lot of people have lost this war in the battlefields within themselves.

Get married only if you find the person who can listen to you over and over and over and over, without resenting you. Get married only if you find the person who can accept you in your monotonous and random rantings and boring self. Get married only if you find the person who won’t dismiss your sentiments as mere, invalid drama. Get married only if you find the person who knows the sound of your breaking heart more than your laughter, and who can discern the critical difference between the two.

Marry that person who is complex enough to understand that finding happiness is not as simple as crossing the street. That this universe is full of indefinite darkness and misery, and happiness is not a fucking choice and is not always somewhere close-by and easily attainable. Actually, it’s not about promises of happiness and cure and all those bullshits — marry that person who can guarantee to patch you up and support you in your most frail and bleeding version. Marry that person who can stand your wounds.

Under no circumstances should you get married without sufficiently comprehending the tragedy of love. That no one is actually complete. That along the way in our lives, piece by piece we lose ourselves.That parts of us — passion, innocence, years, or human heart — has been extinguished, or made obsolete by time, or handed to someone else and cannot be taken back. That in turn we gain something else — experiences, mistrust, cruelty, heartlessness. That we have no demons within, but we, our very selves, regardless of the distance, are the very demons capable of dismembering a fragile human being.


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