Apolitical oath

I said I’d write something tonight for this schizophrenic country. I’ve been thinking about reactionary oxymoron since yesterday. Or women’s struggle. Or political candidates’ — the five faces of democracy scattering their moronic presidential twaddle — fucks and egos.
But I am exhausted. I am exhausted of all the socio-political agitations in the social media that do not even try — even in the slightest — to scratch the foundation of the material realm. For now, I. absolutely. don’t. want. to. hear. any. of. those.
Tonight, I caught myself ditching all my remaining hopes (or the lack thereof) for the possibility of any genuine social change. Maybe I’m jaded, but earlier this evening, I know I have given up.
I would like to think that this kind of resignation is also manufactured. An inevitable outcome of alienation and detachment. Not death, but another kind of dialectics. But no, that would be delusion. I know I have fallen out of love.
So, this might be regressive, but I would like to bid my official goodbye to the materialist tradition and hello to Hegelian metaphysics.

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