Infinite contingencies, realms behind

Life can be overwhelming at times. All these election twaddle and murders of indigenous communities under the midday sun. Budget cuts, student suicides, untimely death of thousands individuals. Senseless bullshits and deceptive promises at the electorate and macro level. These have desensitized me.

Meanwhile, my existence in its microscopic sense is currently being remoulded.

It was yesterday afternoon when I made what is, perhaps, the dumbest — and most liberating — decision of my life so far: I am going to end my association with people who reside on the borders of self-righteousness, misguided notions of chastity, and rigid doctrines. Those whose denotation of high moral values includes quenching the dissenting ideas and alternative voices.

I am going to terminate my old friendships with those who once — perhaps twice or thrice or more than that — coerced me into attending some religious fellowships. I never had the opportunity to tell you this, folks, but what you did was very intrusive. You appalled me. You have no right to dictate where I should and should not be. Apparently, I own that decision.

On another end, I am going to deal with this world in a different perspective. Materialism is a very good framework of analysis, but recently, I have found myself toying with this contradiction: that it is not enough. That there are infinite contingencies, realms behind, beneath the surface of this material fabric.

Regardless of all these, I will nurture a close circle: with the brave, the curious, the clever, the strange, the sardonic, the interesting, the tactical, the remarkable, the dark and the many others who have the ability to unravel this world and get past these rigid parameters of rectitude and self-righteousness.

You see, folks, fundamentalism is static. It is the anti-thesis of anyone’s life. I wish I could say I regret any of these, but I don’t. Actually, being able to articulate my contempt and disappointment and hatred — I feel glorious.

You, by the way, are in my close circle. Now come here and lay with me. I will show you the narratives of the dragons, of the horns and the tails and the tide that will rise above the corruption of all heavens.

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