Holding the cat, we rode the first HM bus

I left Manila yesterday for Los Baños at about 3 in the afternoon. I rescued a cat somewhere in Edsa-Cubao. Saw the feline when I was heading to the bus station. Thinking of a very high probability of getting hit due to the monstrous nature of Edsa, I took him with me.

Holding the cat, we rode the first HM bus. The driver asked us to leave.
So we did.

Having acquired a lesson, this is what I did: I walked a considerable distance away from the station, placed the cat inside my bag, trekked the way back and boarded the next vehicle. Fellow passengers gave me what must have been a thousand variety of facial expressions when the cat began meowing inside. In panic and ceaselessly.

To calm him, I pet him the entire ride. Eventually, at past 7 in the evening, we reached Los Baños. I headed straight to a birthday party and gave the cat as my present. They named him Gaspar.

I was not able to see my old place until at least 12 noon today. I opened the door and found everything as is — suspended in time — when I left it two weeks ago.

My graduation dress and sablay, both unwashed, still hang on my chair. My old laptop, Deppy, waits for me on my bed together with Barbons, my 17 year old stuffed lion. The blanket and the pillows have my rough arrangement. Even after two weeks, my room preserved my final touch. It was nostalgic.

As I lay on my bed, I examined the details by simply moving my eyes. I used to stare blankly at this ceiling, back then, when the world becomes too much to bear. The curves and edge of the window curtain, I noticed, have certain beauty when it sways. My paintbrushes have tainted tips. My desk is still messy and one of these days, I will have to clean it for the last time.

Though the limited amount of time on my hand compelled me to choose — carefully — I was able to see and hang out with few people. This is the best thing. I wish I have more time though, and they too. But all we had yesterday and tonight, to me, have been great. I look forward to more of these.

I have to leave LB early morning tomorrow. I have to pack some of my belongings, in particular clothes, my easel and art materials. My desk, though, for the mean time, will stay messy as it is. My sablay and grad dress will still occupy the chair. I will again see the few friends I have grown fond of.

Cheers to a life that is kind and bearable.


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