The first one made me financially destitute

UPLB at night. I spent a great deal of my stay, in the last two and a half years — say, three — walking around this campus. When I need to release the pent-up mental tension and internal turmoil, for instance. Or to take a break from the stacks of academic tasks on my plate. Or when I have an ample amount of time on my hand, and I am uncertain how to live my life, and I am genuinely scared.

But mostly I do it when I need to think. I walk and walk and walk, for miles and miles and miles. I wander on the interminable horizon of possibilities, of secret selves and daydreaming. In the process, I worn down the soles of my shoes and untangle ropes of my worry and stretch the plains of my consciousness. The first one made me financially destitute. The last two disabled me to return to my former dimension.

And in the end, my hope leaked out of its designated rim.
Each stroll was worth it.
Its totality immense and incalculable.


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