For my mother

It’s a surreal experience watching a dark cloud drifts over the moon until nothing is left but darkness. And then, moments after, it’ll clear up and there will be light from the edge. You’ll see the crater, the imperfect shape, the distinct hardness and isolation of that silvery gray solitude somewhere in the universe.

I’m glad I got this binocular. It’s a surreal feeling watching all these and knowing perfectly that it only deepens the excavation of my incessant yearning for all life far away. This super moon phenomenon, you understand, resurrects my longing to have you again. I would like to think you still exist somewhere else and there is hope — no matter how astronomical — for me to find you again.

Though hope is not tactical, I will still hope. And for you, no matter how bleak and next to impossible it is, I will never stop hoping. (For my mother | Nov 2016)


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