To the call of evolution

Year 2012. I was an associate in one of the most prestigious organizations for university journalists in the country. That same year I left the group — two of us actually did. There was a conflict in the leadership and though we’ve tried to resolve it, some of the figures were simply uncooperative.
What happened was this: some of those in the leadership position transformed themselves into useless members. They ceased performing their designated duties and expected responsibilities. Eventually, all tasks in the organization fell on the shoulder of three people.
Uneven development was one of the unintended consequences.
The other was the decision to leave: two of us left and entered graduate school. We now have our MS degree. Months after that, the other one followed. He’s now a professor.
Tonight, I look back at this memory and found two realizations:
Number 1. It’s nice to be with people who stand up after falling down; who piece themselves together after breaking apart; who leave prestige and achieve some more; and
Number 2. Dense people are difficult to navigate. Some of them are even beyond salvation.
This 2016 I have concluded my MS. Come 2017 and I will have new accomplishments. I cannot remain forever satisfied with an MS. This is my answer to the call of evolution — dialectics. (Dec 2016)