Backson’s Fault

So, I’ve encountered a very wise thought tonight about the time saving mentality of people — like, for example, instant foods to minimise the time expense, thus compensating health which in the long run has its own comeback.

The thing is: you can’t save time, you can only spend it — either wisely or foolishly. Then, you choose. A lifetime is consist of billions or even trillions of seconds, but a second that has passed is a dead second and you can’t revive it no matter what. Each tick of the clock is final and irrevocable.


So, a girl from somewhere posted a confession in the page of The Diliman Files. Her story was about how a certain guy from UPD took advantage of her during their first date — first date, first kiss, first sex. She told him bluntly, according to her, that she wasn’t ready for the last one.

He wouldn’t do anything, he said.

Then, it began and she was shocked. She was so shocked she wasn’t able to move and the only thing he could cast was the promise that he would move slowly. He didn’t. He broke the promise together with her virginity that time. After that, he practically disappeared from her life.

But this isn’t the disturbing part of the story: the most disturbing part of the story, actually, can be found in people’s comments — that she no doubt couldn’t move during that time when he was removing her underwear because she secretly desired it etc.

Women, after all these times, were still viewed through that certain lens — that fundamental lens of backwardness and ignorance. But to those people tossing loose remarks and groundless accusations, what the guy did, actually, legally speaking, is rape. Eat that and die.